Mission statement

A passion for retail – that’s what unites us at KODi.

As a local supplier, we place the needs of our customers at the heart of everything we do every day. Their satisfaction is our motivation. We are needed, make ourselves useful and offer value for money.
We act with the future in mind. We get involved and have the courage to try new things. As the ideal local supplier, we are keenly aware of our special responsibility for people and the environment along the entire value chain: our values guide us in our day-to-day dealings with each other and show our customers what sets us apart, because #weareKODi.

Our vision

“We strive to be the ideal local supplier in the neighbourhood of the people who need us. We seek to enrich their lives with things that are useful and affordable.”

Our values


“We are gradually advancing the sustainable use of all resources at our company and act consciously and responsibly.”


“We are authentic, honest and reliable. Mutual trust underpins the way we work together.”


Willingness to change:

“We believe in what we do, act with foresight and are always open to changes and new things.”



“We are helpful, take time for each other and value everyone’s work.”


“We see ourselves as a team, are attentive and deal with each other openly, respectfully and fairly.”

Focus on solutions:

“We are open-minded and constructive, learning from mistakes and not looking for them.”

Our mission

KODi – your friendly neighbourhood store

All your essentials. On your doorstep. In your budget.

Those three sentences express the KODi concept to perfection. As a friendly neighbourhood store, we believe it is our responsibility to give our customers what they need, have stores in locations that are convenient for our customers and sell products at prices that our customers can afford.

It’s our mission to make life easier, more convenient and just better all round for our customers – starting with the shopping experience, because our stores are easy to reach.

Our unique store concept involves us stocking a wide range of everyday essentials on a compact shop floor. Our range is always geared to the needs of our customers – from current trends to our sustainable value chain, we always keep this in mind.