Projects and initiatives

As an Oberhausen-based family-run company, we think it is especially important for us to get involved in the region.

We especially focus on supporting associations advocating the well-being of children and young people. Children are our future and deserve our full support as a result. We are also striving to gradually get other internal projects and initiatives moving within the framework of sustainable corporate governance.

Regional commitment to children and young people

The Kinderschutzbund Oberhausen e.V. has set itself the task of providing targeted support, information and concrete help in everyday life. Among other things, the association offers different projects to raise awareness and as preventive measures, such as a systematic family therapy in the event of a separation, free clothing or the Cityknirpse crèche group. In March 2022, we donated EUR 4,500 check to the association for the first time. The total comprised proceeds from the supplier day 2021 and were additionally topped up by KODi. At the end of the year, the association also received another donation of EUR 1,068.70, which was half the proceeds of our internal factory outlet sale.

Getting acquainted with foreign cultures, spending an exciting time together and making friends – that is what the international youth exchange MULTI, which celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2022, is all about. Every two years, for a period of two weeks, young people aged 13 to 18 from all over the world come to MULTI in Oberhausen to take part in a varied programme of creative and sporting workshops. What is special about it is that all the participants stayed with host families in Oberhausen to be able to experience the culture up close. It was a very special honour for KOBi to be a cooperation partner in 2022, because MULTI is a great opportunity to broaden the cultural horizons of young people in an exciting way.

ImmerSatt Kinder- und Jugendtisch e.V. is a social network that supports children and young people in need. The aim of the donation-funded association is to give the city of Duisburg’s children the prospect of a better future. In July 2022, our employees instigated a donation-based fundraising initiative for the association. In a community initiative, our employees collected clothing, shoes, toys and books. The donations were then brought together at the Oberhausen headquarters and sorted. In addition to the private donations, KODi provided stationery, which was especially needed at the start of the new school year. At the end of the year, ImmerSatt received another donation of EUR 1,068.70, which was the second half the proceeds of our internal factory outlet sale.

We supported help and hope Stiftung’s make-a-wish initiative in December 2022 under the motto ‘Share the Christmas spirit’. Non-profit institutions such as family centres, children’s homes and youth services can apply to the Dortmund foundation for the make-a-wish initiative. With the help of the donations received, the staff of the facility were finally able to buy personal Christmas presents that were lovingly wrapped for the children and young people. Thanks to the commitment of our employees, a total of EUR 1,500 were collected for the make-a-wish initiative. Alongside selling wishing stars, additional proceeds were raised by selling our honey.

Sponsorship: our 20,000 buzzing worker bees

Bees are very important for our ecosystem because they facilitate the prorogation of numerous flowering and crop plants and ensure the diversity of the food available to us. We are especially proud of being able to house our own colony of 20,000 bees on-site at the headquarters in Oberhausen. A cooperation with Salubria Genussmanufaktur has made this possible, which has been in place since 2022. In December 2022, we received our first share of honey from our worker bees and sold the jars in-house for a good cause as part of our make-a-wish initiative.