Sustainability goals

‘Only who knows their objective, can find their way.’ (Laozi)

These days, sustainability is just as essential a component of successful company leadership as it is complex. Joining the partner network of the Center for Sustainable Leadership in 2021 in order to implement the ZNU Standard in our company has led to us making the decision to take our first steps towards a more sustainable future.

The fjol GmbH has supported us in analysing our corporate structures and processes in order to identify optimisation potential relating to more sustainable corporate governance and to determine meaningful fields of action. To define our sustainability goals, we are guided by both the ZNU Standard ‘Driving sustainable change’ as well as the 17 Sustainable Development Goals that were passed by the United Nations in 2015 as part of Agenda 2030. The SDGs form the framework for a global sustainability strategy and are an urgent call for all nations to act sustainably. Just like the ZNU Standard, they are also made up of the three pillars ecology, economics and socialSustainable business means taking the consequences of one’s own actions on the environment, economy and society into account.

For us as a medium-sized company, it is important to define goals that push us but do not overwhelm us. We will only gradually get closer to reaching our goal of doing sustainable business if it is possible for us to implement the necessary measures in our company processes. Here, we are firmly focusing on our aim for all KODi locations to be certified according to the ZNU Standard ‘Driving sustainable change’ by 2027.

Looking towards a more sustainable future, we are focusing on the further development of KODi as an employer in future to improve the well-being of our employees, to introduce a more sustainable sourcing concept and to minimise our carbon footprint. AA

Our sustainability goals especially refer to the following five Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainability at KODi: These are our goals