ZNU Standard

We have achieved the first milestone: together with the company headquarters, online shop and the branches Heinsberg and Siegburg, KODi has been certified according to the ZNU Standard ‘Driving sustainable change’. We are now working on all KODi locations being certified by 2027.

But what does that mean in real terms?The Center for Sustainable Leadership at Witten/Herdecke University supports companies in implementing a management system by gradually integrating more sustainable management into existing structures and processes as a kind of guiding principle. This way, companies get used to taking the consequences of their actions into account in terms of the environment, economy and society when making decisions and act with foresight as a result. Systematic and comprehensive consideration of the company’s entire value chain helps to identify potential areas for optimisation and define concrete goals.

The ZNU Standard is based on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), EMAS, ISO 26000, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and the GRI Standards, among others. As a company, the tried-and-tested ZNU Standard especially supports us in initiating targeted measures for a more sustainable way of doing business, measure their effectiveness and maintain a transparent culture of dialogue. The initial certification of the company headquarters (including the online shop) and the branches in Heinsberg and Siegburg does not mean that KODi is now sustainable in its entirety as a company. Rather, it means that have started our journey and are actively working on becoming more sustainable in the long run. With the Center for Sustainable Leadership and the fjol GmbH, we have strong partners at our side who support us. Annual certification audits by the independent certification authority Control Union also safeguard our sustainability activities.


ZNU certification