Are you looking for an apprenticeship? KODi has the perfect opportunity for you!

We see training as an investment in our future because our apprentices today are our employees of tomorrow. To be clear, it is always our plan to offer our apprentices a permanent position once they have completed their training. Whilst we challenge and ask a lot of our apprentices, we don’t want to push them too far. We stand by their side every step of the way and give them the opportunity to develop and uncover new skills.

KODi also offers a part-time apprenticeship (30 hours a week)  to give young parents in particular a chance to get some proper training under their belt. We are open and flexible here at KODi. Find out more about our part-time TEP Programme, which is designed to open up opportunities for people who want to kick-start their career but cannot commit to full-time work. (Clicking on ‘TEP Programme’ takes you to an informative video from MEO, a regional agency based in North Rhine-Westphalia, on YouTube.)

We are looking for apprentices with a passion for retail who are keen to work hard and become valued members of our teams. Are you a motivated and open-minded individual looking for a varied job in a fast-paced environment?

Why not apply now and kick-start your career as a KODi apprentice?

Further details on our apprenticeship options

What’s in it for you when you become an apprentice at KODi?

Decent pay

Earn a decent wage whilst you’re completing your apprenticeship: EUR 805 a month in the first year, EUR 890 a month in the second year, EUR 1015 a month in the third year.

Tailored support

Your colleagues and trainers are on hand to help you with your professional and personal development.

Employee benefits

A long list of benefits awaits KODi employees. You’re bound to appreciate the staff discount, company pension scheme and voucher pool.

You can find us on Azubiyo too if you’re interested!