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With around 2,000 own-brand items, KODi’s authentic everyday heroes meet dutiful price bangers: Whether household, drugstore, cleaning, electrical, stationery, decoration, or food – our own-brand items run through our entire assortment. No matter how your everyday life turns out – it will be a little better with the articles of our KODi-affordable brands.

Kai & Schnurrbert

This is Kai. Kai loves his tomcat Schnurrbert. But what Kai doesn’t love is all the hair Schnurrbert loses on his daily adventures. Fortunately, Kai has discovered our KODi store brands for himself. Thus, he can remove Schnurrbert’s hairs thoroughly with the help of a hand vacuum cleaner, dustcatcher, and many other helpful supplies. Thanks to their low prices he has much more money for new cat toys! Kai is happy about this – and so is Schnurrbert!


As a businesswoman, Beate is always busy – that’s why her everyday life is structured perfectly. For example, she always has a quick cup of coffee in the morning while Beate gets ready for work. She likes to store her favorite and, of course, always ironed clothes in a vacuum bag, so she can easily fit everything in a small hand luggage trolley when traveling by plane and save valuable time at the baggage claim. Once the work week is finally over, Beate enjoys Friday evenings with a glass of red wine and, of course, with her husband, Bernd.

Philip & Paula

As a dynamic father-daughter duo, Philip and Paula always go about their daily lives as a double act. Only recently they discovered a whole new passion: cooking and baking! Whether it’s fancy sandwiches or a new baking recipe, Chef Philip and his sous-chef Paula can almost always be found in the kitchen. Their latest discovery: the air fryer. Whether it’s crispy fries, homemade donuts, or experiments like baked bananas – there are no culinary limits for these two!


Sam just moved out of home to rock her archaeology degree! Until recently, her new apartment was a bit sparsely furnished, but thanks to our KODi affordable brands, Sam was able to get the perfect basics on the cheap: From a microwave for mom’s share of lasagna to cutlery and dinnerware basics, to a coffee maker, her new home is well equipped.

But Sam also found what she needed for everyday university life: She could pack folders, pens and co., as well as her new companion to the 8 o’clock lectures: The practical KODi basic thermos flask, because for Sam, nothing works without a delicious latte in the first lecture!


Hannes is not only a father, passionate cyclist and accountant – no, he is one thing above all: a born handyman! Whether it’s small everyday jobs or renovating his own bathroom – it’s no problem for Hannes.

For him, one thing counts above all: Practicality. For example, he avoids damage to the flooring before it occurs with felt glides, which he sticks under movable furniture such as chairs. He plasters over small blemishes in the walls in no time at all and paints over them.

And if it has to be quick and secure, you can always rely on the KODi basic cable ties!

Hannes’ pro tip: Water consumption can quickly become enormous with that many heads in the family. To save the environment and his wallet, he connected bubbling attachments to all the taps and invites his loved ones over for a round of ice cream with the savings.


When Sandra isn’t rescuing her best friend’s bridal make-up or helping her trainer in the salon, it’s me-time for her!

In her comfortably furnished and lovingly decorated flat, she enjoys her well-deserved breaks with a large cup of fragrant jasmine tea or relaxes in the bathtub at the end of the week.

But relaxation is not everything, of course: at least once a month, she and her girls go out. Whether to celebrate, have a fancy dinner, or a picnic at dusk – they usually decide in the spur of the moment.

But just as important as the outing itself is the shared styling session before. Curling a few waves with the TEC TRO hairstyling tools and all their manes are styled perfectly for an exciting evening. You can find Sandra’s stylish favourites from our KODi-affordable-brands and many more practical everyday heroes in your local store or the KODi online shop!


After over 40 years as a carpenter, Kurt, newly retired, can finally turn to his great passion – art.

Just last week, he finished his latest painting, and already Kurt is throwing himself into a new creative endeavour: He’s learning to sew so he can make his extravagant clothing style even more individual.

And while he’s at it, he also tries at handmade jewellery – a real jack-of-all-trades, our Kurt! If he’s ever out of inspiration, Kurt likes to go to the KODi store just around the corner because that’s where he discovered the versatile articles of the KODi-affordable-brands.

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