What’s in it for you?

Let’s take a look at the benefits you can expect…

Competitive salary

Earn a decent wage whilst you’re on the dual study programme: EUR 1200 a month in the first year, EUR 1400 a month in the second year, EUR 1600 a month in the third year.

Tailored support

Your colleagues and trainers are on hand to help you with your professional and personal development. We can also help you find accommodation in Heilbronn if you need it.


We give you the chance to work on a variety of tasks and get involved with exciting projects at KODi. Come and explore the fast-paced world of retail with us!

Attractive employee benefits

A long list of benefits awaits KODi employees. You’re bound to appreciate the staff discount, monthly voucher from our voucher pool and all the other benefits on offer.

Ideal study conditions

Small class sizes mean that you have more chance to engage directly with the teaching staff. And you can put what you’ve learnt straight to the test during your practical placements.

Good chance of a permanent position

The mix of theoretical knowledge and practical experience will prepare you perfectly for your future career. It’s likely that we’ll offer you a permanent position once you’ve completed the dual study programme, so you can get your career going right away.