Why not follow in Lea’s footsteps and join the KODi dual study programme?

Hi Lea!

“I’m really keen to build up my practical experience early on in my career.With its blend of theory and practice, the KODi dual study programme is the perfect preparation for a career in retail.”

Why did you decide to join the KODi dual study programme and how did you first hear about KODi?
I’ve known about KODi for a while because there’s a store just around the corner from me. After I had finished a marketing internship, I knew that a dual study programme would be the right next step for me. I wanted to be able to put the theory I learnt into practice right away. I applied as soon as I spotted the placement opportunity. I can take the theory we cover in lectures and apply it directly to the world of work during my placements at KODi.

What was the KODi application process like?
The application process was so straightforward. I applied online and was invited to take a test online soon after that. The questions were on Maths, English and so on. If you pass this test, you’re invited to an initial introductory interview. Luckily, I passed! And I was offered a place on the dual study programme shortly after my second interview.

What’s the best thing about working for KODi?
I really love how the staff all stick together and work as a team. I was given a warm welcome on my very first day, which gave me a much-needed confidence boost. The induction period in store was really exciting too and it gave me a great opportunity to familiarise myself with the products on the shelves at KODi stores.

What are you expecting from the next three years?
I’m hoping to keep developing and learning, whilst focusing on the area I enjoy the most. Later on in the study programme at DHBW Heilbronn, you can choose a specialisation that you can then focus on in the assignments.