KODi - Mein Nachbarschaftsmarkt

Mission statement

KODi – your friendly neighbourhood store

All your essentials. On your doorstep. In your budget.

Those three sentences express the KODi concept to perfection. As a friendly neighbourhood store, we believe it is our responsibility to give our customers what they need, have stores in locations that are convenient for our customers and sell products at prices that our customers can afford.

It’s our mission to make life easier, more convenient and just better all round for our customers. And that starts with the shopping experience itself. Our unique store concept involves us stocking a wide range of everyday essentials and displaying them clearly on the shop floor. We follow the latest trends to ensure that we’re always giving customers exactly what they want and need.

Many of our customers can enjoy the convenience of walking to their local KODi branch. Most of our shops are located in the suburbs of big cities or in the centre of small and medium-sized towns, making it easy for people to pop in and buy what they need when they’re out and about.

KODi really is your friendly neighbourhood store!