New logo and slogan

KODi Logo 90er-Jahre

In the mid-nineties, KODi advertised with the slogan “The store that does not offer any food “. The logo presented itself simply in dark blue with white lettering.

KODi Logo 1997

In 1997, KODi added pet food to its product range. The claim was changed to “Performance to the point”. Focus shifted to prices and products.

KODi Logo 2000

At the beginning of the new millennium, KODi presented itself as a “Household Item Discounter” and changed the background colours of the logo to blue and magenta.

KODi Logo 2009

2009 – The five petals above the “i” dot symbolise KODi’s five strengths: Cooking & Baking, Giving & Decorating, Washing & Caring, Writing & Painting and Crafting.

KODi Logo 2010

In 2010, KODi erased the surrounding space when displaying the logo. However, the colour and shape of the logo were retained.

KODi Logo 2014

In 2014, KODi adds the slogan “Better housekeeping” to the right of the logo. Again, shape and colour scheme of the logo remain the same.

KODi Logo 2019

In 2018, the claim was changed from “Besser haushalten” to the current claim “Der Haushaltsdiscounter”.

KODi Logo seit 2019

The last adaptation of the logo followed in 2019. The letters were narrowed, the petals tapered to a point.